Monday, September 9, 2013


Hi, My name is Hugs. I have two goats and two dogs and two cats. And I like chess and playing outside. I also like hula hooping and telling jokes.

hi my name is ari i have 2 goat's,2 dog's,& 2 cat's i like chess,& playing outside   

Learning Log #1 2013-2014 school year. September 4th - 7th

Homeroom: When I got onto canvas I watched a video about Study Island and about getting on to canvas. Then I did a quiz on different things about MyTech. And then I wrote my introduction and changed my icon.

Math: we do math worksheets

English: we do handwriting worksheet

History: we got a normal journal, and we pasted cute paper on the front to make it an American flag, and a whole bunch of whatever else we could find in the cute  paper.  Then we tied ribbons on it and we put our picture of our animals with our symbols in it for our adventure group.  And for our almanacs we have all our math worksheets and our handwriting worksheets in there, and then we have different weather worksheets, and George Washingtons Rules of Civility and there are lots of pens and paper, and pencils, and glue sticks and timers and scissors.  We went to a farm and we roasted hot dogs and marshmallows and ate. And then we played games, and then we got our books, and then we told about ourselves. And then it started raining, and we all went into the barn and we finished talking about ourselves. Then when it stopped raining we went outside and played yard games.

Technology: Mama had an extra computer so me and my siblings decided to take it apart. Because mom said we could do whatever we wanted with it. So we found all these different screw drivers and things like that and then we started taking micro chips and fans and different things like that out of it.  And there are like five fans inside of one computer.  

P.E.: We went to park day this week, and I talked to my friends, and we played a few running games.

Music: We went to Beauty and the Beast music practice and sung  a few songs.  And next time we are going to be learning Be our guest and one other song, human again.  

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Learning Log 31


Math - Worksheets
English - Spelling Worksheet, Walk to the Library
P.E. - Gymnastics show for C, Hapkido Awards for S and A.
Entreprenuership - Chore Charts
Literature - Sherlock Holmes Read Headed League
Tech Class - Photography close ups.
Social - Parkday, Hansens came and played, YW General Confrence

Saturday, April 6, 2013

learning log 30

P.E. - Hapkido
English - Visit to the Library, Spelling Worksheets, Scripture Reading, Reading for Peak Program
Math - Review worksheets to prepare for tests
Tech Class - Modes and Settings, With your parent, create an account with DropShots, Rule of Thirds, Camera Apature, Golden Hour
Entreprenuership - a special thank you, Worked on chore charts
                   this week we went to Hapkido and walked to the Libraty and math        

Friday, March 29, 2013

Learning Log 28#

AP.E. - Hapkido
English - Visit to the Library
Science - Clark Planetarium Visit, Butterflies in 3D movie my favite part was the bools
Spanish - 
Literature - Scripture Reading

Friday, March 22, 2013

Learning Log #27 3/4 to 3/10

mama's birth day but not her party 

woch  star gaet E.P went to ballet en point

E.P go's to Shakespeare C.P go's to Gymnastics 
A.P S.P go to Hapkido 

E.P  went to ballet en point

freind's come over to play

we woch oz the graet and paoorfl

P.E. - Hapkido
Entrepreneurship - Lesson 2 Give
Spanish - Lesson 3
Life Skills - Choreograph gymnastics routine.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Learning Log #23

Literature - Daily Scripture Reading
Math - Starfall Math
Reading - Starfall Reading. Read a book to Littleton.
Life Skills - Discussion on the Plan of Salvation.  Choreographed their own gymnastics routine to be performed at a talent show.
Entrepreneurship - Money course on the battle of the Chores.  Started the lesson on Giving.
Spanish - Lesson 1 and 2
P.E. - Hapkido
Culture - History of music for the years 2013-2009